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Special requirements need specific applications

CoPlanner provides many different specialized applications so that you can realize your special requirements with one software. The offered modular principle for controlling is suitable for all industries and can be used individually according to the needs of the company. Why implement a complete software, if only parts of it are used. The future lies in the targeted individualisation of standard software. Have we aroused your interest? Do not hesitate and contact us, we are available for questions at any time.

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With the reporting, the useris able to build individual reports on his own and thus react flexibly and within the shortest time to various requirements.

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HR planning with CoPlanner allows employees to plan jobs and even more variables precisely and to get a quick overview of everything that is coming up for the company.

Data protection is taken care of as well as the seamless integration into a planning calculation of the entire company.

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We have developed a standard business management solution with our partner ECONUM and implemented a tried-and-tested cost accounting procedure.

Our software puts cost and performance accounting on a solid technical basis, which far exceeds the capabilities of many ERP systems in terms of depth of detail and performance.

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