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CoPlanner makes Controlling easier

Whatever you plan - sales, turnover, investments, capacities, projects... A watertight, consistent plan is at best a good starting point. The ongoing comparison of planned and actual figures allows you to identify deviations in business development at an early stage and provides you with insights so that you can take the right action in good time. Historically grown planning models are too rigid and unreliable to keep up with the current pace. This is why there is the CoPlanner - Controlling Software: A system that makes the most complex planning easy, provides you with a powerful, daily updated analysis and reporting tool and covers the tasks of consolidation according to commercial law.

The integration of KI - Algorithms in our solutions create a new benchmark for modern corporate management. In close cooperation with our customers and partners, we pursue one goal: Management and the specialist departments should always have an eye on the company's development, plan ahead and control it in a targeted manner.


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Meaningful reporting for invoice and budget is realized with the reporting tool and automated by the PowerPoint Add-In.

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