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Corporate Performance Management

The term Corporate Performance Management (CPM) refers to targeted and centrally controlled management tasks in a company. Strategy and goals are aligned in such a way that the highest possible performance / performance is achieved in the long term. If the planned or achieved results are consistent with the defined corporate goals, they are also referred to as performance. Both the result and the process of service provision play an essential role.

The basis for achieving such a performance is high-quality information and a comprehensive market orientation. Corporate goals must be clearly formulated internally and communicated. The expansion of corporate performance management should support the development of the individual potential of individual employees. This can be done inter alia by targeted motivation or by the removal of corresponding obstacles.

CPM supports the cooperation of controlling and accounting

Various business processes and requirements from the finance area are mapped in one software solution. The plus points:

  • everything bundled in one software solution
  • the prerequisite for uniform structures is created
  • Process optimization and significant time savings in reporting
  • simpler and faster internal coordination within the company

CPM and Controlling

The fusion of CPM and controlling into one unit serves to control the company and consolidates the management cycle. The information systems and the responsibility of controlling are merged with the operational and strategic tasks of management. With its integrated software solution, CoPlanner offers the complete range of the management cycle for CPM.

Corporate Performance Management ensures optimization

CPM looks to the future - When we look at retrospective analyzes and evaluations, we speak classically more of Business Intelligence, with forward-looking projections of actual data we talk about corporate performance management. In this type of management, the ideal-typical phases of the so-called management cycle can be recognized. It starts with the planning, which is implemented according to plan and then the acquired results are checked. After this cycle (planning, implementation, control), further planning is specifically optimized. Corporate performance management focuses increasingly on financial figures from its own company, but also includes other key figures such as customer satisfaction, production data, personnel costs and maintenance costs for machines. Balanced scorecards enable a holistic corporate management of the organization and its employees. Through the previous KPI analysis that was collected with Business Intelligence, the information about changes of internal and external factors, the relevant business processes can now be optimized via CPM and adapted in time to the company's strategy.

As a flexible web application, CoPlanner offers a holistic solution for Corporate Performance Management (CPM), specifically designed for finance and business departments.

Thomas Schauer
Thomas Schauer, CEO
CoPlanner Software and Consulting GmbH

Mission of Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management has the clear mandate, the past-related perspective that Business Intelligence delivers, to cover the areas of monitoring (the current situation) and planning and forecasting (for the future) in a so-called controlling control loop or to combine the management cycle.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is the holistic approach to planning, managing, controlling and improving corporate performance and profitability at strategic, tactical and operational levels. In addition to corporate planning, CPM includes reporting, consolidation, risk and strategy management.

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Software for Corporate Performance Management

The Corporate Performance Management software gives management and controlling flexibility and freedom to concentrate on optimizing and effectively expanding their business.

With CoPlanner, you can modernize your corporate planning and budgeting to the latest standards, and thanks to certified consolidation and predictive planning, closing cycles and the annual financial statements can be completed much faster and in a future-oriented manner.

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