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Roadmap Standard-Implementation

CoPlanner implementations vary from case to case. In particular, differences may arise due to different structures or requirements of companies to the CoPlanner software. However, to give you some idea of a plausible implementation period, we have tried to illustrate a typical case of a standard implementation for you here.

Example: Project procedure for the introduction of a CoPlanner module

A typical standard implementation starts with a project preparation phase in which the system is installed and technical requirements such as e.g. Access rights are met. The subsequent sprints have a repetitive structure, starting with a workshop to tune the implementation content followed by its implementation. At the end of a sprint, a final workshop will be held to present the results achieved. Classically, in the first sprint, the connection of the feeder systems takes place, with the import of the structure data and the filling of the system with actual data. In the second sprint, the standard module and the first executable version will be set up on the basis of the business content delivered by CoPlanner. In the final third sprint, the system will be adapted and expanded to meet customer requirements and wishes. For larger requirements, additional sprints may result in individual cases. Already during the implementation, the PowerUser will be introduced to the system in order to enable the future users to get to know and use the software at an early stage. At the end of a sprint, additional user training may be required. With the completion of the first module, the customer system goes live and the introduction of another module can begin. This ensures a fast and efficient implementation and additional modules can be installed in parallel with the live operation.

The cooperation and communication works very well. Since technical knowledge of our business model is also available to a large extent, we can rely on very good consulting services on the part of CoPlanner. Requirements are always taken up quickly and flexibly, and implemented promptly and accurately.

IT employees, process industry, > 2,500 employees

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