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Better planning and control with data & analytics

Data & Analytics supports your company in making your data usable and more efficient. Through targeted analyses, new insights can be generated, which serve as a general basis for decision-making for the company management and are of great benefit in the planning of strategic decisions.

Focused on creating added value for the customer

At CoPlanner, we divide the topic of Data & Analytics into the following three segments:

  • Finance & Controlling | Reporting & Visualization
  • Data Management | Data Governance
  • Cloud Architecture | Integration & Transformation

Of course, there are many other topics such as product analytics, manufacturing analytics or machine analytics, but we would like to go into more detail about the data analytics circle at this point.

Customer analytics and predictive maintenance naturally also play an important role.

Customer analytics is a process in which data from customer behavior is used to make important business decisions about market segmentation and predictive analytics. This information is used by companies for marketing, product selection, and/or customer relationship management, for example.

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Predictive maintenance is used to determine company-relevant inventories and to manage resources. Predictable models support companies in planning and controlling in a more targeted manner. Many use predictive maintenance to expand their current business in a future-oriented way.

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