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FAQs about your application

We are of course very happy if you apply with us. Click on one of the advertised jobs and use the application form on the right or send us your application to Of course you can also send us an unsolicited application!

Your application documents should be meaningful and complete, means your resume with matching papers ;-).

You are welcome to leave out a cover letter, that is now "old-fashion" and we are much more interested in your person and your resume.

Step by step to your new job. After you have submitted your application documents to us, HR and the performance of the relevant department will review your documents. If your application meets our requirements, you will receive an invitation to a telephone interview. If the interview is positive, we will invite you to a personal interview. Finally, the contract will be signed and then you will be able to start directly with the Pasing-In and the nice colleagues.

The probationary period in

  • Austria exactly one month.
  • In Germany, it is basically six months.

It's crazy but true, and it's a good chance for the employer and the employee to get to know each other.

Of course you can! What matters is what you can do and what know-how you have acquired over the years. By the way, career changers often bring new ideas and different perspectives that are very good for the industry and the company.

In principle, our employment contracts are open-ended. In exceptions, such as a replacement due to maternity leave, we also offer extra designated temporary positions. However, this is also a chance to be taken over into a permanent employment relationship!