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Promoting Motivation

We offer our employees a lot of flexibility, a friendly cooperation and short information channels, so that you feel well from the first day with us. To ensure this, we offer the following offers on an ongoing basis:

Flexible working models

Flexible working models

We offer our employees flexible working models that fit their lifestyle and our company, as well as the possibility of a sabbatical. Private obligations and job have to be reconciled smoothly. The exchange and communication among each other is guaranteed by regular meetings.

Continuing education

Further education

Everyone gets the chance to develop professionally and personally with us. To this end, we offer internal and external training, courses and workshops that are individually selected for you.

Health promotion at CoPlanner

Health Promotion

Healthy and alert for your own well-being and the community in the company. An annual health check and ghealth-promoting activities (e.g. fitness center, smoking cessation, back school) are supported in the form of financial subsidies after individual consultation with the management.

Corporate culture

With our team-oriented and friendly flair, we place great value on respectful interaction with one another, with trust, appreciation and openness being our top priorities.

Flat hierarchies

Flat hierarchies

Thanks to the collegiality and the joint cooperation, CoPlanner offers very short information and decision paths. The flat company hierarchy allows us to act quickly, dynamically and growth-oriented with each other.

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunity is an enormously important concern for us. We accept everyone, without exception, for who they really are. All employees and applicants are evaluated only according to their personal abilities and their superpowers ;-).

Employees Events

Staff - Events

To ensure regular and personal contact among all colleagues, we organize various team events at certain intervals.