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Sales Planning - Sales Funnel

Sales planning refers to both the planning of sales targets for a specific period (usually based on available figures and data) and the planning of future measures to achieve the targets set - in the short, medium and long term. 

Sales planning defines the company's financial and non-financial sales targets. Meanwhile, through the specification of budget allocation and control as well as the allocation of resources, sales measures are further determined in order to realize the set sales targets by the management, taking into account the sales processes and the sales strategy.

With the so-called sales funnel, the different levels of a sales process can be represented qualitatively and quantitatively. In this way, it offers the path from the first customer contact to a successful business transaction through selected key figures. 

The sales planning process with CoPlanner has a lean structure, the data is collected in a structured manner in a secure environment. Planning of future sales based on the sales funnel: lead - prospect - deal

CoPlanner orchestrates the numbers for you.

Advantages of the Sales Funnel

  • Precise set-up
    A sales funnel provides a meticulous overview of the respective phases (steps) of the sales chain. It reveals which contact points lie on the path to a successful deal.
  • Measurable key figures
    The defined set-up of the funnel creates the prerequisite for measuring the changes in the individual phases with the help of selected key figures. In this way, risks and potentials parallel to the sales process can be identified at an early stage.
  • Sales forecasts
    Using the key figures for the sales funnel, you have a forecast for a conceivable sales development in a defined period. Thanks to the forecast, you can take countermeasures at an early stage in the event of a negative development.

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