Corporate Performance Management Software meets the desired requirements of management levels and controlling departments of medium-sized companies and large corporations. Performance standards can be compared and a clear picture of the current situation is guaranteed. Financial accounting and controlling specialists swear by such a CPM solution and other departments in the company, such as product development or marketing and sales, have also recognized the benefits.

A corporate performance management software system introduced throughout the company is capable of mapping the vision and mission of that company with its business dynamics. Performance metrics provide reliable information about the critical competency parameters that help streamline the organization's performance quality. In addition, all data management processes, including analysis and data transformation, are automatically controlled. The use of such software is effective and supports the achievement of performance goals.

With CoPlanner, we are now in a position for the first time to analyze the profitability of our range of services and to gear it to financial effectiveness. This has also had a positive effect on our corporate success.

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