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Sector: IT-Services

Employees: approx. 3.000

Headquarter: Vienna

Turnover: 1.847,76 Mio.


The Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH is among the leading providers for IT-services in Austria. Services are offered from a single source ranging from Blackberry, Output Services to classical server hosting. Top priorities are the use of the latest technologies as well as security and confidentiality. Priorities, which are also followed by the controlling which has been realising comprehensive planning processes in the CoPlanner since 2004.



In the first step a comprehensive planning model was developed, which besides integrated corporate planning also offers a separate planning model for trainings and seminars as well as a comprehensive reporting. Since then the system landscape was continuously expanded. The integration of the planning of resources, internal services and projects was an important step. In 2012 the cost allocation was redesigned and based on these data. Besides the derivation of the need for external staff it also allows the representation of the contribution margin according to business units while being a crucial controlling tool for the management.


With CoPlanner we are able to analyze the profitability of our service offer and to align it according to its financial effectiveness. This also has a positive impact on the success of the company.

Norbert Schüller, Head of Finance


These enhancements were the right decision in order to unbundle the complex model and to receive a transparent basis for new calculations. The adjustment of master data also led to a better overview. The new cost allocation was at first realised in the planning tool. Due to the flexibility of the tool and the agile implementation approach the concept could be tested and fine-tuned in live operation. Only after these valuable experiences had been made the change in the ERP system was realised.



Start of the implementation project with concept phase and prototyping


Development and installation of the first planning model with turnover, cost, personnel, and training planning as well as investment planning


Key user and end user training




Continuous enhancement of the system. Complementing the model with project and resource planning as well as with modules for the internal cost allocation and shares in the costs.


Profound changes in the planning method and related redesign focusing on internal cost allocation



How much does a hosted server contribute to the DBI in a business unit?


The integrated planning model at Raiffeisen Informatik answers this question. At the push of a button it can be viewed whether a service, such as server hosting, is profitable. The results of success, project and resource planning are at the basis of the multi-level cost splitting and the following cost allocation. Via quantity structure and price IT elements are bundled into IT services. Thus, for example, the IT service server hosting consists of the IT elements hardware, software and maintenance. Simulations such as changes in the primary costs can be generated at the push of a button. Thus it is possible to quickly determine which and to what extent services contribute to the corporate success.

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