AI - Algorithms in business processes are unstoppable

Algorithms are definitely superior to humans in the systematic processing of large amounts of data. However, they can only provide meaningful results based on predefined rules and unambiguous data. They are perfectly designed to recognize patterns of interrelationships and thus derive rules, but fail if unforeseen events do not follow any structure.

The correct assignment of such events and the appropriate reaction can so far only be handled by actual intelligence. However, the potential of artificial intelligence is enormous and will transform companies anew and thus offer more freedom for more demanding tasks.

According to a study by Horváth and Partners, companies' expectations of the introduced "AI" are equally distributed in terms of costs, quality and sales. Companies expect cost effects in the accounting, reporting or customer service departments, an increase in quality is primarily reflected in production and logistics, and sales increases are expected in marketing and sales accordingly.

Artificial intelligence in corporate planning

In the near future, corporate planning will be increasingly determined by artificial intelligence and machine learning in interaction with the cloud. The current level of development of these technologies and the corresponding IT security offer us an enormous progress in which companies can move more to an automated planning methodology. AI & Co. take over the merging and cleansing of company data as well as the creation of plans. This reduces the susceptibility to errors significantly and the controller can concentrate on his core tasks and ensuring a real result. Short-term and faster forecasts are now possible thanks to the automation of corporate planning, thus increasing the effectiveness of planning and business management decisions.


Successful controlling begins with a strong basis

Correct, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing are the future of business planning, but companies need to provide an appropriately well-structured basis. The use of different software solutions, interfaces and diverse data silos makes the introduction of such technologies more difficult.


So before we think about Artificial Intelligence & Co., we should first use the basic tools in controlling more consistently and more specifically.

Johannes Hehr, Sales Director, CoPlanner

The challenges today are the structured development of a holistic integrated Business Intelligence / Corporate Performance Management solution, the maintenance of the required competencies and skills as well as the available monetary and human resources. In order to realize this step by step within the company, CoPlanner and its selected partners offer a company-wide and future-oriented solution approach from business planning, analysis and reporting to legal consolidation.


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