Cloud - Advantages


Companies increase their flexibility in the area of controlling, as cloud services can be used flexibly even if the usage behaviour is difficult to calculate. Security, capacity utilization or technology risks are outsourced to the appropriate service provider.

Cloud - Disadvantages


The company places its sensitive data in the hands of third parties. So it really has to trust them that the data is properly encrypted at all times to ensure anonymity and security. 



The ongoing operation and maintenance of controlling resources is no longer necessary, updates, hotfixes, etc. are installed by the respective cloud provider and new users can be activated in a few minutes.


Data volumes

These services are not well suited for extremely large amounts of data, such as complete backups of the company's internal hard drive, because the upload takes too much time, and permanent storage is more expensive than the one-time purchase of a network hard drive.

Data security

Through professional cloud security, the reputable providers guarantee a secure service according to the 24/7 principle. The data is stored in large, professionally protected data centres.


Environmental pollution

In the current situation certainly a thorn in the side for some companies, the data centers of the various cloud providers consume enormous amounts of energy and are therefore more harmful to the environment.



Controlling software from the cloud is flexible and therefore scalable up and down within short periods of time. This means that cloud applications can be specifically adapted to the needs of the user or specialist departments.


Cloud applications require a stable Internet connection in order to operate with high performance. Malfunctions or even failures can affect the regular operation.


For technical reasons, "Controlling as a Service" enables new flexible working methods such as cross-location cooperation between employees and departments.



With Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) there is a 100% dependency, while Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers can be exchanged if the technology is the same (e.g. Microsoft, VMware or even CoPlanner).

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