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Looking to the future with the Smart Edition

Anyone who wants to plan for the long term must have everything in view. The Smart Edition of CoPlanner is a top-down planning tool that has been developed exactly for such a corporate overview.

Instead of predicting developments in individual areas, future scenarios for the entire company can be played through quickly, easily and reliably.


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The Smart Edition as a decision tool can be used in addition to the comprehensive Enterprise Edition as well as standalonesoftware for fast, highly condensed planning. As a compact, stand-alone solution, the Smart Edition primarily supports SMEs that reach the limits of theirbusiness planning in conventional spreadsheet programs and at the same time do not want to purchase a large BI solution. In the Standard Reportingyou receive predefined evaluations or you can have individual reports prepared withthe multi-dimensional Ad-hoc Reporting. The Smart Edition is an ideal solution for the integrated company valuation via three different DCF procedures:

Medium-sized companies

Ideal for medium-sized and large companies with a controlling department who do not want a big solution.


Ideal for group companies that want to integrate the budget plans of the holding members into a monthly profit, finance and balance sheet controlling.


Ideal for investors and FK donors who expect a quick determination of company values (company valuation).

For the planning process, the Planning Assistant supports you with individual planning features such as trend analysis, average of the last years or average annual rate of change in percent. The integrated planning is all-inclusive and also offers various methods of company valuation (discounted cash flow method). Actual data from Excel can be imported simply by dragging and dropping and can also be easily processed further afterwards. The mapping is based on the accounts of the profit and loss statement with the balance sheet and the finance plan. Problems with cell links are therefore no longer an issue.

The integrated corporate planning (plan, profit and loss statement, budget, balance sheet and financial planning) can be carried out for a horizon of maximum 5 years on the basis of 1 to 3 actual periods.

Alexander Frühwirt
Alexander Frühwirt
Managing Director

How does it work? Four steps to the result...

Master and data


  • Plan versions with different fiscal years
  • freely selectable P&L structure
  • Planning horizon up to 5 years
  • Planning on account and cost center basis
  • User administration

  • Actual data acquisition through data import
  • Actual period: max. 3 years


  • Account links from the P&L to the balance sheet and to the finance plan
  • Sales tax rates
  • Payment parameters


  • Simple, safe, fast and intuitive planning with planning assistants
  • Planning horizon: max. 5 years, actual period: max. 3 years
  • Assistant supported features: trend analysis, average of the last years, average rate of change in %, delta in % of sales


  • Existing comparison evaluations as standard reporting: P&L, balance sheet, finance plan, key figures
  • Freely configurable ad-hoc reporting
  • Data analysis with existing data cube
  • Representation in diagrams

Ideal for smart decision makers

  • Controlling departments in large companies that are looking for a solution for integrated corporate planning

  • Group-bound subsidiaries, the budget plans of holding members can be integrated into monthly profit, finance and balance sheet controlling.

  • Potential investors and capital providers who want to receive both quick results and company valuations.

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