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Sector: Press Distribution, Trade, Reader Circle

Employees: 801

Headquarter: All over Austria (mostly Vienna)

Turnover: 269,50 Mio.


The Morawa group consists of various companies with different business processes. In the past especially the field of personnel cost planning faced more and more difficulties due to heterogeneous Excel files. The new planning system therefore had to be flexible enough to integrate the different requirements in one solution while being easy to use.



Employee based personnel cost planning is at the core of the solution. Master data, basic salaries, wages and rates of incidental wage costs are automatically transferred from the payroll into the CoPlanner. Individual or collective adjustments are recorded. Based on these data personnel costs including incidental wage costs and vacation and Christmas allowance are automatically calculated and transcribed to the result. All companies budget in the CoPlanner on the basis of the transcribed data. The planning data (including comments) are processed into reports by the Excel add in and are furthermore the basis for the budget discussions. The budgeting process and the total planning thus became significantly less time-consuming.


The transfer in the cost centre accounting is done automatically and our manual adjustments directly affect the result. Thus we clearly see the planning progress.

Mag. Claudia Konrad, Controlling Managerin


A pilot company was chosen for the implementation. Thus it was possible to identify further necessary functions in the first planning phase and to accompany the users in the process. Based on these experiences the system could be optimised for the following budgeting. In this way the smooth integration of further clients and an easy expansion of the tool became possible.



Implementation of interfaces and installation of the planning model after a short conception phase


Test phase involving the key user of the first phase and further adaptions of the system


Preparation of the first budgeting with the pilot clients and go live


Processing of the results of the first budgeting and preparation of the rollout to the different companies


Continuous development of the system



Through the implementation of the CoPlanner our planning process, especially in the personnel area, got much more accurate along with a significant improvement of the usability.


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