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Andritz Energy & Environment, or AE & E for short, has been providing innovative solutions in power generation and environmental engineering for more than 150 years. The supplier of steam generators, flue gas cleaning systems and services guarantees with its systems and systems proven quality and high energy efficiency, combined with international know-how and high technological competence.


Sector: Produktion

Employee: 29700

Headquarter: Graz (Headquarter) 280 Standorte in 40 Ländern


Due to the ever-increasing volumes of data with many different interfaces and the fact that the project-driven day-to-day business is the focus of this project, the plant manufacturer, after many years of controlling with Excel, was looking for a complete solution that would meet precisely these complex requirements. The choice fell on CoPlanner, not least because of the high flexibility of the software, which should not be missing in this complexity. CoPlanner has set itself the goal of combining the speed of implementation and the ease of use in a software, even for complex links. The result is a basic control tool that works independently of the industry for each type of customer project and can be used to make adjustments for targeted project controlling by means of customizing.


What sets plant engineering apart from many companies is that the entire business is handled in a project-oriented manner. On average, about 20 to 30 customer projects run in parallel, even the sales process is handled in projects. So if a new order comes into the house, immediately an entire project organization is behind it. This is where CoPlanner comes into play. It is the task of the project controlling software to support this, to create the necessary transparency and finally to be able to secure and speed up decision-making through target-actual analyzes. With CoPlanner Enterprise, AE & E gets an overview of the situation with regard to deadlines, resources or finances relatively quickly. You no longer need five more information points in the house to do analysis.


A big challenge in project controlling is that you need different information from various levels in the company. In order to successfully lead a project, it is necessary that all processes are defined and mapped in tools. This ensures clear structures. At AE & E, projects are formed into work packages and further subdivided into subpackages - which are then monitored. The controlling software provides very substantial support. Without CoPlanner, far more resources would have to be spent on data collection and processing, which would take valuable time.


The AE & E today enjoys the great advantage of the dynamic evaluation. In project as well as in main controlling. The database and the system make it easy to carry out individual analyzes, without the help of IT. Especially in reporting, where it comes to being able to quickly generate specific reports, this is a huge added value. Multidimensional reports are more or less self-generated, you can focus on the content and the time you gain here for future Use decisions. Finally, data security and a uniform final data status are guaranteed. Furthermore, the data transfer was clearly optimized and takes only minutes instead of hours, eliminating the need for data tapping and eliminating duplicate entries.


  • Freely selectable planning horizon, regardless of the financial year

  • Allocation of revenue and direct costs (own and third party) after time cause

  • Revenue and expense accruals at different times

  • Recording of employee costs according to reference values

  • Overhead costs by project, profit center and cost center

  • Assignment of cost center costs via reference quantities

  • Consideration of the liquidity effects of revenues and costs

  • Consolidation of the results for planned income statement, budgeted balance sheet and financial plan after the financial year

  • Target / actual comparisons in any desired granularity

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