Sales planning and variable costs

A central focus of any planning model is usually multidimensional sales planning. No matter how your business "thinks", we offer the optimal solution and adapt it in "customizing" without programming individually to your needs and requirements. New developments by business areas or regions and customers can be incorporated bottom-up or top-down in scenario calculations. The solution ensures consistent results and significantly reduces the time lag between the overall result and the final result by integrating it into other sub-plans, for example in the area of variable costs or production, warehouse and purchasing planning.

Personnel Cost Planning

With the HR solution you plan your personnel costs at employee level, taking into account automatic advances, special payments, ancillary wage costs and specifics such as partial retirement or trainees. Personnel costs can also be controlled on the basis of full-time equivalents. Effects from short-time working models or waiting periods can be easily incorporated. Questions that require several days of work for precise results can be answered ad-hoc after the initial configuration.

Investments and loans

An essential aspect of balance sheet and financial planning is the consideration of planned new investments. If investments are postponed, the effects on planned liquidity become immediately visible. Planned financing requirements can be taken into account with loan planning. Based on investment planning, we offer applets (modules) for tracking new investments, coupled with asset accounting and accompanied by approval processes.

Many more applets

Just as your company is set up, you also determine your priorities in planning. CoPlanner offers numerous applets for integrated planning - from these you can choose freely. These include, for example, applets for planning fixed costs, projects, fleet costs, real estate, activity allocations, DB planning and IC reconciliation. In fact there are many more, new applets are constantly being developed by our partners and consultants.   

Let us discuss your challenges together and demonstrate how CoPlanner can best support the controlling in your company.

We are happy to strengthen you - stay healthy!

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