What this means for us

We do not see software as standardized packages, but as something movable and changeable. Comparable to modeling clay, it is only in the experienced hands of our consultants and developers that it is shaped into a customer-specific form - thus the individual requirements can be mapped in a structured manner. Our claim is highest flexibility - for our solutions as well as for our consulting. This also means being fast and efficient in conception and implementation, and thus developing solutions that provide a clear framework while remaining flexible in the way they handle data. We consistently pursue this approach.

What this means for our customers

Structure is necessary for any kind of business, it creates order, security and gives direction. For this very reason, one does not want to subordinate oneself to predefined systematics, but rather develop such - which optimally express the individual aspect. Through their adaptability to existing customer structures, CoPlanner solutions create the foundation on which companies can flexibly build and grow. They give controllers the freedom for simple and fast planning, analysis and reporting - independent of IT - and thus achieve a sound basis for daily decisions.

The interaction

Effective corporate planning and control requires a structured, comprehensible database at the push of a button and a clear planning structure. But also the freedom to make the right decisions for the company unerringly. Since 1989, CoPlanner has been offering software and know-how for intelligent controlling, corporate planning and business intelligence. And since then we have been dealing with how to create more freedom with a software solution that is tailored to the uniqueness of a company. We find the interaction of freedom and structure extremely exciting, not only because we have found the recipe for success for our BI solutions, but also because these supposed opposites we encounter again and again in the world.

CoPlanner offers Business Intelligence solutions for companies in all industries

For us, Business Intelligence means providing a tool for decision making that facilitates daily work. Designed for companies that demand the highest level of efficiency in controlling in order to be able to act efficiently and securely in complex and fast-moving times like these. In this way, we provide the necessary structure that enables consistency and at the same time gives the freedom for change and innovation - for future-oriented companies.

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