Said, Done

Within one afternoon the data model was set up and the existing bookings were loaded. By means of a clever automatic assignment of the bookings to be loaded to the work areas, the evaluation is now possible. Was it worthwhile? If it had only been about this year: no. But since this can now be continued in the coming years: definitely.

The whole thing has become much more stable and faster, data entry easier and the creation of incorrect entries more difficult. Evaluations are a snap (analogous to pivot tables), and online access to the accounts for the other stakeholders from the municipal administration is possible via a fancy web interface.


The CSV files of the account statements that we can load from the bank are automatically imported. This will then be a topic for AI in use, because the posting texts already indicate what it is about... But not in a form that can be automated. An AI process could certainly provide good assistance.

Why do I write: a) the satisfaction of having built a nice solution and b) my standard statement "with CoPlanner you can build (almost) everything very quickly, you just have to know what the application should do" has been confirmed once again.

And maybe we will make a (low-cost) offer for other non-profit organisations - as long as the internal costs are covered. :-)

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