Reporting and analysis

Reporting and analysis are fixed components of corporate management and have a direct influence on the success of a company. Two topics that belong together in a certain way and yet have different tasks:


Reporting, also called reporting, is a classic in controlling. Here, information related to the company and its environment is processed and consolidated for sharing. Good controlling software, such as CoPlanner, puts the reports into the right format (e.g. PDF) and allows them to be shared/sent directly to the intended recipients.


Analysis is more concerned with the actual corporate goals. It examines corporate data as well as business reports in order to gain meaningful insights. Its task is to develop a better understanding of the goals and to contribute to the improvement of the company's performance.

Only on the basis of reporting and analysis can future-oriented and correct decisions be made.

The goal of good reporting is to provide information in a way that recipients can find their way around without much training.

The added value of reporting, analysis and dashboards

For their daily work, users from various departments in the company require different data such as detailed product information, sensor data, consumption or wear and tear of materials, sales figures over a certain period of time or specific personnel data.

The reporting serves as a monitoring tool for each individual department and represents the measurement of the most important operational activities and projects/projects. Key performance indicators (KPIs) clearly show the degree of effectiveness and efficiency. Regular monitoring, standard reports as well as real-time dashboards are the result for a regulated reporting in the company.

The question "Why is this actually so?" and "Why does A now influence B?" explain the various analyses of the corresponding data. The analyses thereby clarify the company data provided by reporting on a more profound level. So while reporting combines different data channels, enables important direct comparisons, and can facilitate understanding of information, analysis interprets that information and suggests specific actions or calls to action.

The most important metrics you need for successful business management belong on the dashboard. Being able to make the appropriate and necessary decisions quickly and in a timely manner is a huge competitive advantage. Not only for the management, but also for every specialist department in the company. Having an overview of current data, facts and results, bundled like a common thread throughout the entire company, is a business plus for being able to act agilely, sustainably and quickly.

Bundled in one controlling software

CoPlanner offers you enormous possibilities to implement business management solutions in an integrated controlling software. The software is for departments, management as well as CFOs and proves to be the perfect controlling instrument for important business decisions in your company.

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