AI-supported sales funnel

Sales management of the classic nineties was yesterday, today artificial intelligence (AI) plays an essential role when it comes to targeted and future-oriented sales processes. With the AI - Sales Funnel, the different levels of a sales process can be mapped in a forward-looking, qualitative and quantitative way. Thus, AI supports the planned path from the first customer contact to a successful business deal through strategically predefined algorithms.

Time-intensive and administrative tasks as well as repetitive routines are regulated automatically and finally replace error-prone manual intervention in the process. The ongoing management and maintenance of the sales funnel is significantly faster, more reliable and reduces running costs in the long term. By means of AI, the so-called sales management receives a completely new definition.

Those who think that the data jungle will become even more dense or that more tools will cause more confusion can rest assured. AI-supported software can nowadays connect more and more unobtrusively to systems that have already been implemented and ensure a seamless linking of the data stores. In this way, data is aggregated and clearly compiled; instead of a long search for the right information, everything is available at a glance. Especially at employee level, this creates enormous added value and at the same time satisfies managing directors in terms of turnover and costs.

Definition: AI-powered sales funnel

The term AI-supported sales funnel describes a modern sales tool that is actively used in the B2B sector in particular. With the AI-supported sales funnel, different process steps in sales are mapped and foresighted opportunities for success are made qualitatively and quantitatively measurable. It helps to plan sales forecasts, sales targets, existing customer management and future marketing activities in a more targeted, error-free and efficient way. With the help of artificial intelligence, the sales cycle becomes significantly more agile in terms of information, speed and transparency.

Rothhaas GmbH has already jumped on the AI bandwagon

The company distributes over 500,000 articles for the metalworking trade and industry across 8 product worlds. Before they got to know artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool, only the data from the merchandise management and ERP systems were available. As a result, sales reps were virtually inundated with unfiltered data. As a result, they hardly drew any usable results from the information, as they could not decide which information was relevant for you.

The advantage of AI is primarily the ability to collect relevant data and offer derived results with recommendations for action. This has changed the distribution of tasks among Rothhaas' sales staff. From a late reaction to changes in customer needs to a proactive approach to the customer. The latter feels valued and long-term customer relationships can be built. At the same time, the AI can already suggest products, so you have an entry point for the customer conversation. This saves a lot of time for sales reps as they have to spend less work in preparing the conversations. Overall, this makes the care of existing customers much more efficient and frees up time for tasks such as new customer acquisition.

  • Saves time
  • reduces costs in the long term
  • Results based on validated data and not on gut feeling
  • More focus on essential tasks
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to more intensive/personal support
  • Skimming more revenue in general
  • Faster reaction to changes
  • Better understanding of customers & their needs, resulting in improved customer relations
  • complex configuration
  • external support
  • Time-consuming introduction for employees
  • Possible reluctance to use on the part of employees
  • Additional tool that may cause confusion
  • Implement DSGVO-compliant data security

Focused on creating added value for the customer

We divide the topic of Artificial Intelligence into the following three segments:

  • Monitoring
  • Controlling
  • Recommendation
  • Segmentation

With the help of predictive analyses, we support sales staff in the B2B consumer goods market in their daily work. We use the advantages of AI mainly for the classification of customers into clusters and for the subsequent analysis of their transaction behaviour. At the same time, administrative tasks such as the maintenance and revision of customer data can be taken over in a time-saving manner.

AI will definitely transform businesses. It enables companies to carry out processes that would be unprofitable without the use of such technology. Things that used to take hours or days could now be done automatically in a matter of minutes. This means, for example, that the personnel costs for constant customer monitoring are set to 0.

This makes sales even more fun, as people can really focus more on sales and not on tedious reporting tasks, for example.

For the company, it will even have a greater impact - more satisfied employees, more satisfied customers, more turnover and leaner processes.

Boris Donchev
Boris Donchev, CTO, Hodoco GmbH

What offers Hadoco

Hadoco offer the sales of the future - AI systems support the sales employee in all matters. Which customer behaves atypically? Where can more products be offered? Which customer needs more attention? Everything is fully automatic; the salesperson gets the right information at the right time to be able to react before it is too late. The length of the customer relationship increases, the customer is more satisfied and makes more sales. It is important to note that the salesperson should in no way be replaced, but rather supported in his daily work by intelligent algorithms. Administrative and time-consuming tasks are taken over by the AI, so that the sales employee can concentrate on personal customer contact again and thus intensify the relationship with his existing customers. His feedback to the algorithm is crucial to its success here, as the AI learns from the user's feedback and the results thus become increasingly accurate and correct. Ultimately, a symbiosis of human and machine intelligence is created that is profitable for all sides.


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