Anyone who wants to buy a new car or bicycle as a private person does not simply buy blindly, but informs himself and first takes a test drive. A recommendation from a third party is often good, but you have to be able to form your own opinion.


To make this decision making process run more smoothly, we at CoPlanner have been offering "30 minutes with CoPlanner" since the beginning of the year. Quite simple:

  1. Name controlling requirements
  2. Name controlling requirements
  3. Test 30 days free of charge

Together with you, we will create an individual live demo for your desired task. If the 30 minutes are not enough time for this, we will of course offer you a follow-up appointment in which we will present the result individually tailored to you. If you like it, you have the possibility to test this solution 30 days for free via cloud.


Such attractive offers, which are also offered by other providers, provide you with very good opportunities for comparison, so you can test them yourself and put them through their paces. Great advantages are that you have a direct contact person who is available immediately to answer your questions, you do not have to make any financial investments directly and you get to know the working methods and the business and technical know-how of the respective provider. No risk, yet an enormous benefit!


Conclusion: Of course, we at CoPlanner would be very pleased to realize your requirements in a demo, but one thing is for sure

  • only inform you thoroughly in advance,
  • then test it on a concrete example,
  • then make an informed decision for your own company.

We wish you much success with the software selection...

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