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Sector: Utilization and Production

Employees: 220

Headquarter: Gabersdorf (ST), Regau (OÖ), Unterfrauenhaid (B)

Turnover: 55 Mio.


The TKV rendering plant, a subsidiary of the VIVATIS Holding AG, and its three Austrian sites operate with the aim to dispose, process and utilize animal by-products, which cannot be used as animal feed. In the production process, which consists of countless sub-processes, about 300.000 tonnes/year of animal by-products material are processed to finished products. The aim is to map this complex planning process and to realise an efficient and cross-site production, sales, cost and personnel planning.



In order to efficiently realise the finished products planning, the relevant data are determined on a yearly basis. The distribution to the planning months respectively planning days is done according to the defined seasonal distribution. In a first step all working days are defined then the percentage distribution of the total actual quantity to the production days is calculated. This seasonal distribution becomes a benchmark, which can be adapted in the later process. The BI tool completely an individually maps the processing steps of the highly complex production process. The comprehensive reporting module allows reporting on a daily basis and across production sites. The integrated data warehouse combines data from the planning model and realises daily target/actual comparisons at the push of a button. An individual mapping of the production and sales data per company gives the persons responsible a quick overview.


Through the implementation of the CoPlanner the entire planning process improved and became less time-consuming.

DI (FH) Josef Rupp - Head of Controlling


The complex production planning process starts at the disposed animal by-products (raw material), which are processed in different quantities and prepared for various markets (pet food, fertilisers, chemical industry). For the customary finished products a recipe planning is carried out. The revenue through the disposal of raw material is specific. Due to different values of the raw material (differentiation between three risk classes since BSE in 2001) disposal revenues as well as procurement costs arise. The same applies to the sales where both, revenues and disposal costs for the finished products, arise. The mapping of these bidirectional cash flows was a further challenge for the BI solution.


All of our company’s individual specifications like the seasonal fluctuations or the bidirectional cash flows can be mapped in the CoPlanner and thus integrated in the planning process. Consequently, valuable time and resources are saved.

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