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Schlumberger Wein- und Sektkellerei GmbH

Flexible and multidimensional - detailed sales planning

Key data

Sector: Production, Trade

Employees: 219

Headquarter: Vienna

Turnover: 228,20 Mio.


The company history starts in 1842 with the founder Robert Schlumberger, who was one of the first Austrians to produce sparkling white wine à la French Champagne. Today Schlumberger is a leading company for sparkling wine and herbal spirits in a sector with very special characteristics:


  1. Seasonal raw material procurement

  2. Dynamic markets

  3. Rapid growth of an immense brand diversity

  4. Different product quantities and packaging sizes

The branch specificity as well as an extremely diverse product range, consisting of more than 8000 articles, is decisive for the complex corporate management, which requires accurate planning, settlement and analysis especially with respect to production planning.


The financial year starts in April, in January the budget is prepared followed by an extrapolation end of October. Moreover, there is a rolling planning of the sales. All planning is mapped in the CoPlanner, which is the central budgeting system. Thus it is possible to quickly react to market dynamics such as seasonal fluctuations or political decisions like, for example, a new tax on sparkling wine. Also the integration of a new article into the system and consequently into the planning results is facilitated. The detailed planning of the sales is a particular highlight: on an aggregated level the sales of all products is continuously planned and integrated as a scenario into an automated scheduling system, according to which production is aligned. Promotions and advertising campaigns can be entered as relevant to marketing or sales. Overproduction and unwanted stock are a thing of the past.

Lessons Learned

The higher the level of automation, the more important the data quality of the BI supported planning environment becomes. The CoPlanner supports Schlumberger with additional control mechanisms like, for example, customer specific check reports. Through this the high quality of data and the perfect interplay of litre, price and cost planning with the result of the breakeven analysis is ensured.


Furthermore, it was important to embed existing knowledge into a good system (detached form single persons). The CoPlanner convinced us on many levels: cost factor, usability, technical standard, future-oriented system and company. With the implementation of the CoPlanner our planning possibilities expanded and the planning accuracy and efficiency improved.

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