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Sector: Production

Employees: 8.285

Headquarter: Vienna

Turnover: 1.754,70 Mio.


The RHI group, a global player and producer of high quality refractory products for industrial processes, consists of over 70 sites with about 8100 employees. An essential requirement on the implementation of the BI solution was the possibility to map the global planning in a standardised way through a uniform tool. It is essential that the solution offers the possibility to easily integrate frequently travelling employees without constant Internet access in the global planning process.



An integrated planning tool, which allows uniform analysis and planning of all business processes with an extra tool for offline planning. Thus it is possible to integrate also branches from regions with poor infrastructure and without Internet-access in the planning process. Through this a global uniform planning and analysis of all business processes is realised. The whole corporate planning is uniformly covered: freight costs, turnover, deployment, energy costs, raw material etc. Intelligent parameterisation also allows recording complex issues with a few clicks. Every entry is validity checked, which guarantees a high quality level of the recorded data.


Working in a dynamic market environment it is very important that the system can be quickly adjusted to changing business conditions. In the past years CoPlanner has proven this through the integration of various system extensions.

Mag. Marcus Mezera, Head of Controlling


Employees in remote regions are provided with an Excel file exported from the CoPlanner, which shows the values that should be entered. The plan data are entered in the file, which is returned to the headquarters. At the headquarters the sheet is re-entered into the CoPlanner via standard interface. The allocation of the entered values to the relevant organizational unit as well as the uniform currency translation is carried out automatically. The so-called check function checks whether the imported data are complete and plausible. Wrong, incorrect or double records cannot be re-entered. Data, which was exported to Excel for offline planning cannot be processed any more. Only after having imported these records with the new values they can be integrated in the planning cycle again.


CoPlanner is a competent and reliable partner, who quickly implements additional requirements and who has our full confidence.

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