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High degree of automation in determining personnel cost planning

A very important key figure in the finance area is the cost-income ratio (CiR). Kärntner Sparkasse AG was looking for a digital, holistic and, in particular, efficient support for personnel and non-personnel cost planning and cost reporting that could be quickly and easily set up on the existing data warehouse with both standardized and adaptable calculation kernels and thus further optimize the planning and reporting process with the highest possible degree of automation.


In a first step, the CoPlanner HR module was implemented to support the HR department in all planning, forecasting and reporting topics. With the HR module, CoPlanner offers a solution that is characterized by the extremely high degree of automation in the determination of planned personnel costs. A decisive factor is the seamless connection to the existing SQL data warehouse, from which the required basic data (master and transaction data) can be transferred. The application was set up in the central data center, the users access the module via CoPlanner Webclient and can execute the planning of the employees and their personnel costs there.


In addition to the standardized HR module, a partial retirement calculation was implemented, which calculates the monthly accrual requirement based on the remaining work or time off phase until the end of the respective statutory or company-regulated partial retirement. In addition to automatic monthly forecasting, the solution is characterized by a particularly accurate calculation that almost reaches the level of an actual wage allocation.

The results of this forecast are then exported and imported back into SAP in the form of import files, where they flow into accounting as accruals. From the user's point of view, the extremely competent consulting and comprehensive support during the entire implementation project, both from a professional and technical point of view, should be emphasized. CoPlanner stands out here as a particularly strong implementation partner.


Employees: > 600

Headquarters: Klagenfurt am Wörthersee


After the successful implementation of the HR module, the integrated financial planning was commissioned as a follow-up project and is currently in the final stages of implementation.

The aim is to transfer the ACTUAL FI and CO data, which are imported from SAP, to the CoPlanner solution at posting level. In the next step, the planning will be set up on this ACTUAL basis. The core of this is the P&L planning mask, which contains certain special logics (e.g. commenting functions and status messages). In addition, the planners have access to investment, loan, provision and tax planning as well as the automatic posting machine.

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