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Sector: Health

Employees: 1400

Headquarter: Vienna


Since 1875 the Haus der Barmherzigkeit group offers people long-term intensive care. 1300 people are cared for in two hospitals, three nursing homes and by the Haus der Barmherzigkeit integration team (HABIT). Economically independent the Haus der Barmherzigkeit is under the patronage of the Viennese archbishop. In October and November the budget for the following financial year is drawn up: 50 cost centre managers plan over 400 cost centres and 300 cost types in the different companies of the group. Originally based on Excel the planning failed due to the following aspects:


1. Standardised mapping of an increasing number of cost centres and cost types

2. Forecast of varying bed capacity for the following year

3. Safe business management in accordance with the calculated forecast

4. Data consistency and impeded data handling


An easy to use and structured BI tool was created for the group, which allows a uniform planning process. Through aggregating the segment plans (result, personnel, daily rate, care level and capacity planning) an integrated planning system is realised, which allows central and local process-oriented budgeting and multi-year planning on various levels of detail. The Excel client easily and flexibly provides a reporting book based on all the data available in the CoPlanner. Exports to further processing systems complete the integration of the CoPlanner in the overall system.


The uniform planning portal allows the automatic seasonalisation of planned capacity based on last years actual data of cost centers, care levels and cost units.

Mag. Norbert Rossbacher, head of Controlling


A BI tool is successful, when the work of the end user and the central controller is facilitated and when they both benefit from it. The company-specific implementation focused on the design of the entry masks, that also the care level and capacity planning of the professional and nursing staff is facilitated. A further support for the end user is the target/actual analysis implemented in the masks.


The responsible persons identify the occupancy rate of all wards in the nursing homes and hospitals at a glance, which makes quick and flexible reactions and safe controlling possible.

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