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Sector: Production

Employees: 450

Headquarter: Übelbach

Turnover: 65 Mio.


Gaulhofer is among the leading window manufacturers in Austria. Gaulhofer produces high quality wood, wood-aluminium, plastic and plastic-aluminium windows at two production sites. Production only starts after receipt of order, which leads to the following challenge:


  1. Day-based production control due to single –order production.

  2. Fast access to information about orders, customers, suppliers, discounts, etc.

  3. Use of multiple systems (CANTOR, Excel ...), therefore, inconsistent data

  4. As a result reporting becomes extremely time- and resource consuming


A general data warehouse concept, which comprises a uniform structure and the procedure of data collection, data management and reporting. The automatized ETL process is directly linked to the upstream database systems. Quantitative and qualitative actual data are automatically corrected, normalised and transcribed into the data warehouse. Based on this company-wide uniform data pool, a multidimensional database (OLAP), built on MS analysis services, facilitates the proven reporting and the customized ad-hoc analysis.


Thanks to the Data Warehouse Solution we are in the position to detect trends and tendencies faster, thus, quantities demanded are analyzed and our product range is streamlined accordingly.

Helmut Gmeiner, Head of Finance


Having successfully implemented the system, enhancements were constantly demanded. Through the open architecture of the data warehouse these can be easily realised. The system was complemented, for example, by a contribution margin module, which compares contribution margins on the basis of list prices with such based on customer-specific calculations and a discount module, which allows a detailed analysis of the granted discounts.


Time and again our product range showed items, which were no longer in demand. The data warehouse does not only hold key insights for the distribution of our products, but also allows the best possible controlling of the procurement process, as the material procurement exclusively depends on customer orders. We received a real decision support to control a targeted and cost-efficient procurement policy.

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