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DAVOS community

The community of DAVOS as a cosmopolitan Alpine metropolis with a unique character unites city and landscape in a unique way. The center with the lively promenade, the numerous green areas and the picturesque Lake Davos, embedded in the carefully managed cultural landscape in the middle of a magical mountain world.

The locals appreciate the optimal infrastructure for sport, culture and leisure, the proximity to the city and nature and the diverse range of jobs. Tourism is not the only focus, international congresses, education, research, medicine, agriculture and trade are also important sources of income.


The finance department of the municipality of Davos has been working with CoPlanner as a planning and reporting tool for a long time. As a first milestone, the financial data was taken over from the ABACUS business software both as plan data and as actual data via standardized interfaces.


One of the challenges in implementation is the special seasonality based on average historical actual values ​​of the ABACUS annual budget values. Also worth mentioning is the extensive and sophisticated reporting system for the final presentations, annual reports, etc., which are made available to the respective stakeholder groups. In order to find out booking differences in ABACUS, a special evaluation was implemented in CoPlanner, so the underlying invoices /receipts can be identified early and errors corrected.

Reporting with add-ins

The goal of meaningful reporting for the invoice and budget was realized with the CoPlanner Reporting and created automatically by the PowerPoint add-in. You can find the media orientation of the 2019 annual financial statements of the Davos community here as an illustrative example.

Annual accounts 2019 - PDF




In the municipality's 2019 annual report, various informative graphics and tables were entered using the CoPlanner Word Add-In. These can be updated with just a few clicks when the next annual report for 2020 is being prepared. The financial manager of the municipality can concentrate his focus on the verbal part and appreciates this relief very much.

Annual report 2019 - PDF (from page 115)

Particularly noteworthy is an example in which the CoPlanner Excel add-in is used. The cash flow statement, which is mandatory for the Swiss municipalities and cities, can be prepared within seconds using the Excel add-in from CoPlanner in accordance with the canton's template, if the formulas are set by the easy-to-use formula wizard (page 134 in the 2019 annual report ). You can also work with the usual Excel functions, such as inserting additional lines for explanatory footnotes, etc.

The creation of the legally required annex to the annual financial statements according to the submission of the responsible canton is also considerably accelerated by the Excel add-in from CoPlanner, for example the number part in the statement of equity, in the table of provisions or in the obligation credit control . (see page 136ff of the 2019 annual report).

Mr. Martin Raich, financial administrator of the Davos community, was able to use and prepare the CoPlanner reporting independently after a short time after basic training by our consultants according to the given requirements and wishes.

The future with CoPlanner

After the successful acceptance of the previously set milestones, the integration of the system data from ABACUS into CoPlanner is planned for the 4th quarter of 2020. The schedule of assets should be implemented for the plan and actual data, e.g. for reporting to Parliament on the annual accounts and the budget. In addition, special evaluations are available for the comparison of the asset accounting with the investment calculation of the financial accounting.

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