Author: Heinrich Nordsieck

Since his graduation as Dipl. Wi.-Ing. at the TU Karlsruhe in 1994, Heinrich Nordsieck has been active in the field of Business Intelligence and knows many CPM tools from his own practice. In 2000, together with partners, he founded Axus AG in Munich, which recognized the potential of the CoPlanner tool early on and was active as its partner in Germany. In 2007, Axus AG was acquired by pmOne and he held a leading position as VP CPM. The CPM connoisseur has been active as a shareholder and managing director in CoPlanner GmbH since the beginning of 2016. His hobbyhorse is the transformation of customer requirements into functioning solutions, and he is proud that these solutions have been successfully used for many years or even decades.

AI in Controlling: Bullshit Bingo or Real Help?

There is hardly a day on which the topic of artificial intelligence is not mentioned in publications. The topic is "hot" and a guarantee for good reader or click numbers. This article aims at expectation management, it is aimed at readers from controlling who want to operationalize the topic and understand what the current status is and what to think about it.