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Personnel - Management Board

CoPlanner expands its management team for a strategic and forward-looking direction with sustainable growth

1.11.2021 Graz/Hannover - The shareholders of CoPlanner Software und Consulting GmbH have appointed Thomas Schauer as a member of the management board and CEO of CoPlanner, effective November 1, 2021. Together with Alexander Frühwirt and Heinrich Nordsieck, he will manage the company's business in the future.

Thomas Schauer, whose enthusiasm for goal-oriented corporate management began at CoPlanner in 2003, stands for customer benefit, innovative strength and team spirit. After his career at CoPlanner, from 2007-2013 including as a member of the management board, he moved in 2013 as CEO to Thinking Networks AG, a planning provider in Aachen with about 70 employees. Since the end of 2017, Thomas Schauer was responsible for the development of the consulting focus Corporate Performance Management (CPM) at noventum, a consulting company in Münster - as software for operational planning, his choice fell again on CoPlanner. Now he returns to the software business.

We are very pleased that Thomas Schauer with his accumulated experience in the market, strategy, organization and corporate culture will join us again and together with all of us will sharpen the mission, brand and organization of CoPlanner and of course live it. 

Walter Frühwirt, Shareholder


In his new role, Thomas Schauer will focus on the further strategic direction of the company, strengthen the company's organization for further substantial development as it grows, and make a lasting contribution to ensuring the long-term success of CoPlanner's customers with benefit-oriented, innovative solutions, both professional and technological.


I am really looking forward to my new task at CoPlanner. I know what potential there is in the product and the team and I am looking forward to contributing to sustainable, efficient and reliable company management together with our partners at the customers.

Thomas Schauer, Managing Director


About CoPlanner Software und Consulting GmbH

As a future-oriented software house for corporate controlling, CoPlanner develops controlling software for medium-sized companies with a focus on all processes in which data must not only be displayed, but also enriched. This includes planning, consolidation and reporting, but also specific use cases up to cost and performance accounting. The open platform allows the integration of AI algorithms and our solutions create a new benchmark for modern business management. In close cooperation with our customers, CoPlanner pursues one goal: management and departments should always have an overview of the company's development and be able to plan and control it with foresight.

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