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Networked data at a glance - multidimensional operational and supervisory board reporting


Sector: Production

Employees: 400

Headquarter: Pöls

Turnover: 215 Mio.


Zellstoff Pöls operates in the field of pulp and paper production. The demand was to map the total local planning process in the CoPlanner. This required multidimensional sales planning including various sales deductions and completely integrated mapping of the planning of the cost centre, energy costs (green electricity recycling), wood purchasing, personnel as well as balance sheet and financial planning.



On a monthly basis sales and financial data are fully automatically imported from SAP. Considering market prices, revenues and quantities are planned step by step up to contribution margin II. The market prices are centrally entered in the different currencies and automatically translated. Besides market prices, also fixed prices per customer can be defined. Actual reference values or values from reference plans can be taken over optionally. In addition all stock movements are considered. The data base solution allows to instantly react to quantity an price sensitivities of both the sales and the purchasing market (wood purchase). Detailed adjustments in the quantity or price structure can be instantly simulated in order to anticipate expected market changes. The nesting of different dimensions facilitates a multidimensional OLAP analysis and evaluation after any dimensions.


Mag. Ingrid Gruber


The multidimensional monthly reporting offers countless evaluation possibilities, which are made by the CoPlanner at the push of a button. The structure of the reports is defined by the responsible persons and follows internal requirements. There are, for example, special concentrated reports for the supervisory board, which primarily offer a quick overview over the most important key figures and the financial effectiveness of the company. Cost centre managers, on the other hand, receive more detailed reports.

With CoPlanner we fixed an individual and reliable monthly reporting in our company. We are in the position to customize our own reports and to individually expand them at any time. Within a few ours we generate informative reports in various levels of detail for the individual departments. Thus our information and knowledge management has substantially improved.

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