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The world is changing, the economy is more unpredictable than ever.

Whatever you plan - sales, turnover, investments, capacities, projects,... – a solid plan is a good basis at best. A regular "planned-actual" comparison is essential. Only this results analysis depicts the business development and gives you the necessary insight so that you can take the right actions in good time.

Historically developed planning models are often unreliable and too rigid to keep up with the pace of business. That's why CoPlanner is available: A system that also makes complex planning tradable and gives you a powerful, up-to-date analysis and forecasting tool.

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The set-up: A suitable starting model
A flexible and expandable planning model with all relevant data connections is predefined for each company. Actual data is imported from existing systems or from Excel.

The basis: an integrated plan

Planning is usually based on actual data. All planners access the same data basis. All the different individual plans can be combined quickly and without errors.

In everyday life: Living forecasting
How is reality developing compared to the plan? What effect do unpredictable events have on the current situation? In the CoPlanner Forecast, your plan is constantly updated with actual data so that you know exactly where you stand and what you can do.

"Are we still on schedule?"

Coplanner always gives you the answer


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Budgeting in CoPlanner can be carried out on the basis of actual data. This gives you a representative and comprehensible controlling approach. To do this, the system retrieves data directly from one or more - even different - ERP systems and merges them.

Due to the interaction of actual and plan, the plan can be adapted very easily where corrections are necessary. This manoeuvrability is of great advantage in planning and resource planning, for example, as procurement and sales risks are minimized.

CoPlanner is based on an OLAP model that allows you to evaluate data multi-dimensionally and very quickly. The various analysis possibilities open up a completely new view of your business and a new level of transparency.

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CoPlanner functions as a planning platform. This means that many departments and their users can access the software and the shared data pool, store their segment plans centrally and, depending on their authorization, track them.

The system consolidates all segment plans automatically in a very short time, even if the planning parameters are different. There is no more duplication and no inconsistencies, for example due to copy/paste. The planned balance sheet, including assets, capital and liquidity, also prepares itself. As a controller, you can concentrate on the content and daily business and easily reach all deadlines.

CoPlanner solutions are based on proven standard modules that represent a standardized planning process. However, this can be specifically adapted through an extremely wide range of options.

The functionality of the CoPlanner system is scalable, depending on the size of the company. Special problems can be mapped very practically into specific applications.

The system is easily expandable and can also be further individually configured by the customer. Because: When structures change, CoPlanner changes with them.

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Since 1989 CoPlanner actively operates a planning solution in the market. In 1994 the BI supplier started with the OLAP database TM1 by Applix. CoPlanner was the first company to offer a ready-made controlling solution on this platform.

In 2002 the platform was changed to the Microsoft BI environment (SQL server with all BI components). Since then the constantly growing Microsoft product range is used for the CoPlanner Business Intelligence functionality. 

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Since 1989.

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