For many years BI has dominates the IT world and controlling. Every day we notice how different and even ambiguous this term can be interpreted. What is Business Intelligence? Technically and following Gluchowski it describes all tools, applications and solutions, which are of assistance in making decisions. They should support companies to overcome the expected and unexpected challenges due to competition.

This is an ambitious target definition, which should be achieved by the purchase of so-called BI software. A step supposed to be easy. It is not unusual that through this even more problems arise. Especially, when questions of system environment and data delivery remain unanswered or when the technical input and the output requested by the customer are in no way connected. For example if questions regarding control parameters are not cleared in advance.

When can software be viewed as a panacea for solutions? First the total range of function and modelling scope must be utilised together with the existing information landscape. Everything else would lead to semi-finished solutions. Solutions, the use of which, would be connected to a predictable expiry date. Therefore, certain steps must be followed. At the start of a BI implementation internal questions and problem definitions must be outlined and solution approaches modelled. Only then the initiatives can be concretised through a balanced concept consisting of information management, business management and software deployment.

We collected some important questions, which our customers asked over time and which where answered by a BI solution. Maybe you identify yourself with our questions and solution approaches.

Problem solving with Business Intelligence 

New Microsoft PowerPoint Add-In

With the March 2017 release CoPlanner provides a new Microsoft PowerPoint Add-In, which is another helpful addition to the already released Microsoft Word Add-In. Thus the CoPlanner system-compatibly provides the full Microsoft Office range.
Business figures from the CoPlanner can be edited even easier by using the familiar Microsoft environment. Business reports or presentations can be quickly generated for the relevant recipient group. 

After a simple and quick setup CoPlanner reports can be paste, edited and individually formatted in Word or PowerPoint. The imported figures can be quickly updated and changed, if required, due to a remaining direct link to the CoPlanner.

It is possible to apply all Microsoft Office features as usual, to define different filters for quick customizing and to adapt the appearance in accordance with the corporate design requirements.


Furthermore, it is possible to save reports in Word or PowerPoint and to continue to work offline. Changes in the layout can be made everywhere, also without access to the CoPlanner client and server. If the edited reports should be provided to all clients, it will simply be saved on the CoPlanner server.


Effective business management requires a reliable and comprehensible database at the push of a button and a transparent data structure. This allows the freedom to make important management decisions at the right time.

Since 1989 CoPlanner GmbH has been offering software and know-how for intelligent controlling, information technology and business intelligence. Since then we concentrate on creating more freedom for companies through software solutions matching with the uniqueness of the company. CoPlanner is not only competent in planning, but also stands out through the reporting and analysis features inherent in the system.


Every company is unique – in its mission and vision, in its composition and structure, in its products, services – and in its business culture. It is these differences in the company DNA that very often challenge and complicate the search for an optimal software solution as there is no standardised formula available.

We are very attracted by the interplay of freedom and structure, not just because it is the key to success for our BI solutions, but also because we encounter these supposed opposites time and again in the business world.

Software and know-how for intelligent controlling

CoPlanner provides business intelligence solutions for companies in all industries


Enterprise Edition


The big challenge for business intelligence solutions is to clearly structure processes and data while maintaining the freedom for flexible planning. This only works if the compiled data are brought together in an information pool. Thus the necessary transparency is created, to timely grasp a project at a glance, and consequently make effective decisions and actions.

The CoPlanner Enterprise Edition is the unlimited management tool, non sector-specific and suitable for any types of customer projects. A standardized software basis was created based on which, adjustments for targeted project controlling can be made by means of customizing. Flexible, customizable software and a competent team make it possible to implement individual solutions. Finally, concepts are created tailor-made for customer-specific requirements on all levels of business management.

More information on CoPlanner Enterprise Edition

CoPlanner Enterprise Edition
CoPlanner Smart Edition

Smart Edition


Long-term planning requires an overall view. The Smart Edition is the top-down planning tool and allows a quick look into the future. From group to single financial statements, budgets, statements of income to shareholder value – all important company results are delivered and clearly presented. Instead of being limited to partial areas, we focus on the whole company to quickly, simply and securely go through future scenarios  – up to five years in advance.

More information on CoPlanner Smart Edition 

Framework Edition


Controllers and IT-managers build their own system architecture with the CoPlanner Framework Edition. From the creation of an individual calculation model, to customised database tables, navigation structures, individual surfaces and individually designed menu structures to the possibility of unlimited numbers of dimensions and measures.

The Framework Edition supports the targeted realisation of reporting, analysis and planning requirements with a strong business intelligence focus.

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CoPlanner Framework Edition


Since 1989 CoPlanner actively operates a planning solution in the market. In 1994 the BI supplier started with the OLAP database TM1 by Applix. CoPlanner was the first company to offer a ready-made controlling solution on this platform.

In 2002 the platform was changed to the Microsoft BI environment (SQL server with all BI components). Since then the constantly growing Microsoft product range is used for the CoPlanner Business Intelligence functionality. 

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