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Reporting Software with a powerful Report-Designer

With the CoPlanner Reporting, the user is able to independently build individual reports and therefore react flexibly and within shortest time to various requirements of report recipients. Simple reports can be created with a preconfigured wizard. Complex specifications are realized in professional mode.


Everything that smart decision makers need. Discover the possibilities of our software.

Thanks to CoPlanner, our entire reporting system is much more efficient. At the push of a button, we now receive meaningful reports that we can build up according to the purpose.

Zellstoff Pöls AG

The aim of good reporting is to provide information in such a way that the recipients can find their way without much training. Meanwhile, all the data that is needed in the report must be easy to find. It is about making contexts clear and visible, the meaningfulness and comprehensibility of the information depends on the implementation, the reporting design. For this reason, an implementation based on the guidelines of Information Design (for example Hichert) should be chosen so that the recipients can record all relevant information as quickly and intuitively as possible. The CoPlanner reporting module offers you this opportunity and professionalises your annual reports.


6 steps for successful reporting

Reporting for all Companies and Areas

CoPlanner enables fast reporting tailored to a variety of recipients. Thanks to the simple processing of data from various sources, it is possible to react immediately to changed conditions.


One-page reporting for managing directors. Presentation of the most important data on a maximum of one page.


Overview of the most important key figures of the company - especially for members of the Supervisory Board.


The development of sales, sales and customer structure at a glance.


Show, for example, cash flow as well as trade receivables and payables, structured in graphics.

Reporting Factsheets


  • Predefined report maps

  • OLAP-supported target performance comparisons

  • Variance analyses

  • Ad-hoc analyses

  • Setup of management cockpits

  • Graphic support


  • Fully integrated Excel Client

  • Implementation of Microsoft Report Services via assistants

  • Report maps with combined access to OLAP cubes and relational tables

  • Predefined controlling reports to conduct fast analyses (illustration of contribution margin, sales and cost analysis etc.)

  • Integrated filter for the analyses

  • Quick selection – fast and easy change of filter setups

  • Drill-down, roll-up, slice & dice also at the reports

  • Suppression of zero rows and columns

  • Different types of tree analyses (e.g. return on investment)

  • Combined types of graphics – to illustrate the relation of different values


  • User-based access system for reports

  • Central administration of reports on the server

  • User-based language setups

  • Serial printing via selected dimension elements

  • Reporting adjusted to CI and CD

  • Access also via the web


The operation of the software and its functions is so straightforward that they intuitively take action right away. Start immediately without enrollment.


The Reporting Tool delivers the best results whenever they are needed: accurate information, clearly structured and presented in clear graphics.


Each customer receives a customized version of the software. All needs are taken into account, every requirement is met.