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Controllers and IT-administrators receive an ideal tool to specifically realise reporting, analysing and planning requirements with a particular focus on Business Intelligence. The CoPlanner™ Framework can instantly be connected to the MS BI-platform. The Framework includes a configuration support to shape, structure and create individual BI-solutions and data warehouse projects.


The Framework Edition seamlessly docks with the Microsoft Business-Intelligence platform. It provides easy to use configuration assistance for individual system and data modelling, structuring and for the creation of BI solutions and data warehouse projects, which meet the individual requirements. The Framework Edition becomes an ideal tool for the responsible persons in order to model their own solutions away from standard solutions.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

CoPlanner offers the complete Microsoft Business Intelligence range and is thus fully integrated into the CoPlanner system environment:

  • the SQL Server with the relational database for data storage

  • the OLAP services for the complex analysis of actual and target data

  • the integration services for the programming of interfaces

  • the reporting services for standardised reporting


  • Seamless connection to the MS BI platform

  • Contains configuration tools for modeling, structuring, and designing custom BI solutions and DWH projects

  • Ideal tool for the targeted implementation of reporting, analysis and planning requirements with a strong BI focus


CoPlanner slashes implementation times because we offer a high degree of content readiness in various sectors such as integrated profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow planning, reporting and analysing.

CoPlanner Modules



  • Build up your own system architecture

  • Modification and adaptation of database tables

  • Design masks and reports

  • Design your own surfaces and menu structures

  • Creation of individual navigation structures

  • Multidimensional security system

  • OLAP support

  • Assisted design by assistants and designers

  • Customize and / or create an individual calculation model

  • Unlimited in the number of dimensions and measures

  • Quick answers through memory-based analysis

  • Fully integrated Excel client (analysis, collection and reporting of data)

  • Intelligent search functions also in the analysis

  • ClickOnce installation for clients

  • Client / server solution or terminal server environment

In our dynamic market environment, it is particularly important to us that the system can adapt quickly to changing corporate conditions. CoPlanner has proved this in recent years by integrating various system extensions.


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