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The standard configuration of this solution created for small, medium-sized and large enterprises offers unique and well approved planning elements as well as multidimensional ad-hoc analyses and reporting. Modules such as management and legal consolidation complete the package. The open development environment makes it easy to adjust the model to special requests no matter if you want to extend or simplify it.


The Enterprise Edition is an extensive Controlling Software solution. In its standard configuration it provides unique planning elements, multidimensional ad hoc analysis, extensive reporting features and further modules such as management and legal consolidation. The open development allows easy customizing without programming skills. Especially medium-sized and large companies appreciate the detailed and economically pre-configured approach of the Enterprise Edition with regard to planning, analysis and reporting.



CoPlanner slashes implementation times because we offer a high degree of content readiness in various sectors such as integrated profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flow planning, reporting and analysing.



Especially medium-sized companies and large enterprises appreciate the detailed and economically preconfigured planning, analysis and reporting approach of the Enterprise Edition. CoPlanner is characterized by a particularly short implementation time. This time savings is achieved through a high level of content in areas such as integrated corporate planning, profitability, balance sheet and cash flow planning as well as reporting and analysis.


  • Short and medium term performance, balance sheet and financial planning

  • Multidimensional planning (also on the web)

  • Top-down and bottom-up planning

  • Rollover planning

  • Global and detailed planning on all levels

  • Detailed information on every ratio

  • Intelligent search functions also applicable to analyses

  • Scenario manager

  • OLAP-supported target-performance analysis

  • Variance analysis

  • Multidimensional reporting (also on the web)

  • Revised forecast

  • Graphic support

  • Fully integrated Excel Client (analysing, collecting and reporting of data)

  • Individual presentation of reports

  • Target-performance analysis

  • Value based management (SHV, EVA)

  • Control of projects and investments

  • Cash management

  • Control of financial ratios

  • Early alert system

  • Management consolidation

  • Large data volume also applicable in planning processes thanks to OLAP technology

  • Quick solutions via memory based analysis

  • ClickOnce installation for clients

  • Client/server solution or terminal server environment

  • (Large) enterprises

  • Affiliated groups

  • > 1 UserMore than 1 user

  • High scalability

  • Individually adjustable user interface

  • Integrated user-based security system

  • Windows and Web Client