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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), in Austria and Belgium also called small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), have long been increasing their turnover through effective business management using innovative software solutions in order to achieve their planned goals. Business Intelligence, a magic word in the controlling sector, which has been firmly established since the 90s. Simply described, it is the collection and analysis of data in order to make well-founded, strategic decisions. The overall growth of a company is the focus of attention.

It starts with simple structural concepts and coordinated partial solutions in the company, up to the noble version with highly complex system architectures such as, among others, multidimensional analysis, reporting and/or planning systems and, brand new, the connection of artificial intelligence.


According to an older definition from 2011 of the BARC (Business Application Research Center) we understand Business Intelligence as a system, a technology, a process, which is supposed to facilitate the present and future management control of a company for the decision makers of a company on the basis of provided and qualified information. Today, the definition will certainly be somewhat different and will look more innovative and agile in order to achieve significant competitive advantages through the Business Intelligence factor. Topics such as future-oriented planning or analysis (Predictive Planning/Predictive Analytics) play an essential role and indicate the current direction in which we are heading. Much is currently being read about "marketing slogans" such as "Mining the Gold" or "Mining Data". The gold-digger mood in the field of data processing and data exploitation knows no bounds. So if you can plan and analyse with foresight, you are ahead of the game.


The first drink at the business meeting is ordered and in the conversation you hear "Business Intelligence is too big for us", "BI, no thanks, we don't have time for that" or "Excel is enough for us", but is that the right way of thinking? To take the next step as a small company in order to optimize or automate processes is enormously important for a company's long-term survival. Nobody demands to let a business and cost-intensive monster into the house, but as a medium-sized company you should check carefully if a smart solution for your business would not be quite reasonable. Knowing your numbers exactly in order to be able to plan in a future-oriented and targeted manner, without big surprises, is and remains the key to success.


Dr. Walter Frühwirt already pursued the goal of supporting medium-sized companies in setting up integrated business intelligence systems at the beginning of the 1990s with a broad range of business management and technical know-how. In our view, he has succeeded in this very well. Today, we at CoPlanner combine the requirements of different economic sectors with the latest state of the art in software development.


"Entrepreneurs should be able to keep an eye on the company's development and its figures at all times", said Dr. Walter Frühwirt.

Controlling without limits thanks to a smart software solution - A complete solution for classic medium-sized businesses, which is user-friendly, quickly implemented, can be used across all industries and has a modular structure. 100% on the web, whether as a single-user solution (Smart Edition) or as an Enterprise Edition for entire departments. A huge plus point is the individual expandability through corresponding modules and plug-ins, which are required when needed - always flexible and individually configurable.

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Tim Erben, Head of Marketing, has been working for CoPlanner Software und Consulting GmbH since 2019. Prior to that, he was Head of Digital Marketing at pmOne AG for over 9 years and worked for various companies in the fields of Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Enterprise Content Management. Tim Erben focuses on topics such as corporate / online marketing strategies, modern marketing: content, automation and analytics to drive growth.

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