• Project-Controlling in volatile Areas

    Can your project milestones still be reached or are they shifting? What does that mean for your company? Are projects canceled? Any effects on liquidity and sales already calculated in one scenario?

  • Sales Planning

    In no other area of planning is the individuality of a company more evident than in the planning of sales. Even within the same industry, the requirements are extremely heterogeneous and are very strongly based on the organizational culture and way of thinking of the respective company.

  • Personnel Cost Planning

    CoPlanner's Personnel Costing module allows employees to accurately plan jobs and more variables, as well as quickly get an overview of everything the company needs.

  • AI - Artificial Intelligence

    AI - Artificial Intelligence brings a whole new transformation to business, market placement and overall business success.

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence (BI) is a business-technical process for the correct evaluation of company data. Purpose of Business Intelligence is to support better decision-making in the business.

  • Corporate Performance Management CPM

    Corporate Performance Management supports cooperation in controlling and accounting within the company

  • Corporate Performance Management

    Corporate Performance Management supports cooperation in controlling and accounting in the company

  • Corporate Planning

    Corporate planning is one of the core tasks of management and controlling in the company. This term corporate planning summarizes a large number of processes in which future structures or procedures are defined on the basis of existing indicators.

  • Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft Excel, the true purely graphical spreadsheet tool, has evolved into a world-renowned and versatile analysis tool.

  • Reporting Design

    Financial reporting and annual reports are a daily part of business life. The design of external and internal reporting is a challenging and complex task.

  • BARC - The Planning Survey 2019

    The BARC - The Planning Survey 2019 is the world's largest independent user survey on the use of planning, budgeting and forecasting tools.