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With CoPlanner, we were able to achieve significantly higher transparency at the disvision level. The entire planning process of all subsidiaries is thus comprehensible and can be influenced in a centralized and timely manner.

CoPlanner has flexibly implemented our requirements for a standardized and integrated planning tool. The various Excel solutions will soon be a thing of the past.

For us, the CoPlanner Smart Edition is an optimal decision tool with which we can quickly create meaningful business plans. For us, the implementation of the Smart Edition has significantly improved the decision-making basis for new projects.

Bayer Healthcare AG
Caritas Fraz-Seckau
Gemeinde Davos
Karl-Franzens Universität
Kärntner Gebietskrankenkasse
Mark Metallwaren
Raiffeisen Informatik
Rotes Kreuz Tirol
Stadt Chur
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

CoPlanner has flexibly and fully implemented our desired requirements for standardized and integrated financial planning. The many different Excel folders and the enormous time required to maintain them are now a thing of the past.

Through the use of CoPlanner, we were able to create an integrated business plan consisting of profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow for the first time in our company. The entire planning process has been significantly simplified with improved quality and informative value (integrated business planning).


Our most important clients from the service sector with whom we have already successfully implemented projects.


Thanks to the data warehouse solution, we are able to identify trends and tendencies more quickly, to analyze demand quantities and to clean our assortment accordingly.

The uniform planning portal makes it possible to automatically seasonalize the planned workload based on the levels of care and cost units.

The transfer to the cost center accounting (BAB) works automatically and manual adjustments made by us have an immediate effect on the result. So there is always clarity about the current planning progress.

With CoPlanner, we are now in a position for the first time to analyze the profitability of our range of services and to gear it to financial effectiveness. This has also had a positive effect on our corporate success.

In our dynamic market environment, it is particularly important to us that the system can adapt quickly to changing corporate conditions. CoPlanner has proved this in recent years by integrating various system extensions.

Heinrich Nordsieck
Executive Director

CoPlanner GmbH
Waidmarkt 11
50676 Cologne

Robin Schmeisser
Executive Director

CoPlanner GmbH
Schubertstraße 39
8010 Graz