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Sector: Mining, Real Estate

Employees: 270

Headquarter: Essen (Germany)

Pre-Systems: SAP, Excel, Conject CM


RAG Montan Immobilien manages the properties of the RAG Group and develops areas that have been previously used by industry to sought-after locations. In post-mining, structural change in the Ruhr area and Saarland is being successfully advanced. Due to numerous planning documents and manual processing and coordination steps, the processes for preparing the budget, the medium-term planning and the monthly extrapolation were resource-intensive and error-prone. With the introduction of the CoPlanner, selected process steps were to be automated and the integration of subplans created to make the processes more efficient and thus faster.



In CoPlanner, the contribution margins are planned at cost center / profit center level. Individual models were created for the different product fields (for example, area development, agency agreements in the group), which were tailored to the application.



  • Workforce scheduling, which balances the demands of performing units with the capacities of the personnel-responsible cost centers - by requesting and assigning employees to the person / hour / project detail level. This includes the calculation of the personnel cost rate for the ILV 

  • Planning of provisions and financing, derivation of income statement 

  • Exceptionally detailed personnel planning, which reflects all wage and cost types at the employee level, including provisions for pensions, etc. 

  • The simulation of employment, change of cost centers or work intensity (part-time, semi-retirement) allows the responsible HR department to plan and simulate within a very short time, without having to give up the usual level of detail 

  • Create a monthly slice planning from the annual budget 

  • Creation of various plan / actual reports (for example at company and business area level on the basis of multi-level contribution margin accounting) - Extensive and flexible reporting