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Sector: Consulting, Rental Service

Headquarter: Graz


In 2011 e-mobility Graz was founded with the aim to optimise the urban traffic system towards electric mobility. Through targeted consulting and rental service citizens are encouraged to use electric mobility. Sources of income are public funding, consulting and rental services. A planning and reporting tool should meet the following requirements:


  1. easy self implementation and use

  2. simple data import

  3. quick planning on the highest level

  4. generation of fast and professional reports and analysis



The CoPlanner Smart Edition was implemented in order to efficiently prepare integrated business planning and to obtain a complete overview over the financial effectiveness. The planning assistant helps to intuitively prepare the profit and loss planning for up to five years in advance, thus, within a few minutes, a significant forecast is provided. For the analysis and evaluation of future projects and investments, such as the purchase of a new electric vehicle, the Smart Edition too is the right decision-making tool. Planned new investments or loans are intuitively recorded and the financial effects can immediately be viewed in the planned profit and loss, financial statement and budget. The reporting allows the preparation of reports in line with the CI. Besides the comparison reports in the standard reporting, the ad-hoc reporting also prepares individual data analysis of existing data cubes, which can be further demonstrated in diagrams.


The planning process was significantly optimised. Before collecting planning data was tedious work and preparing reports for the management was very time-consuming. Now planning is done within a few minutes and meaningful reports are generated at the push of a button.

The CoPlanner Smart Edition ist the ideal decision-making tool for us. It allows fast and significant corporate planning. The basis for decision-making for new projects has improved through the implementation of the Smart Edition.

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