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The professional article "How Business Intelligence can benefit from AI" by Dr. Carsten Bange, BARC GmbH, was published at the end of 2018, but is still up to date. The subtitle: Artificial intelligence can improve business models, products and processes, reflects very well a summary.

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Business Intelligence and AI with CoPlanner

As already mentioned, companies increasingly have sources of knowledge in the form of data and employees that they should make use of. CoPlanner has developed a highly standardized controlling platform that can map all customer needs in precisely tailored processes.

"Standard systems work with predefined standard processes according to which the customer must work. Ergo, the customer must adapt to the software. This is exactly not the case with CoPlanner," explains Heinrich Nordsieck. "We design our controlling platform together with the customer and develop his individual master plan in workshops."

We support customers from various industries who are already benefiting from the potential applications of AI. Together with our partners we integrate AI technologies such as machine learning or deep learning into the business management solutions of the CoPlanner software.

When "Machine Learning" is used correctly, you can obtain information that would never have been visible in the enormous amounts of data before. CoPlanner and AI provide you with the most important insights from your data and bring them into the business context in a structured way.

Specialist users in controlling thus receive targeted support in data management and in the automation of business processes, so that the efficiency in the company increases and the susceptibility to errors caused by manual intervention is significantly reduced. The integration of AI into the business intelligence environment is the next step you should be ready for.

Methods of Artificial Intelligence in Business Applications

In recent years, various techniques and methods, such as the fuzzy logic of artificial intelligence, have been established to capture, structure and make information easily accessible. Current developments show that AI techniques are becoming increasingly interlinked and that any disadvantages that arise are compensated by the advantages of other techniques.  

Interesting and feasible applications in the field of controlling include automated cost estimation and calculation or intelligent risk assessment of procurement processes, material prices or wages. Personnel cost planning and personnel requirements planning are further application areas that will benefit from AI in the future.

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