The cooperation and communication works very well. As technical knowledge of our business model is also available in large scale, we can rely on very good consulting services from CoPlanner. Requirements are always taken up fast and flexibly and are implemented promptly and accurately.

IT staff, process industry, > 2,500 employees

CoPlanner's software can be operated completely cloud-based and covers the requirements of a forward-looking and flexible corporate performance management software. The integrated planning, analysis, reporting and consolidation solution is enhanced by AI - artificial intelligence through sophisticated machine learning algorithms from Hadoco Services. This makes analyses possible that could previously only be realised at great expense due to the amount of data and complexity.

Planning cycles can be carried out much faster and more often, the integration of sub-plans is easier and ensures the link to analyses and reporting. AI is used in predictive planning methods, but also in algorithms for project monitoring or early detection of deviations.  This enables companies to react faster and earlier. This saves time and money. The quality factor of the results is significantly improved and creates competitive advantages.

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