Optimize your corporate management using top-down planning

In the current difficult times, speed of response is essential. Recognizing crises in good time and quickly deriving revised alternative courses of action facilitates short-term and targeted corporate management.

With the new CoPlanner Top-Down Planning, you can quickly create profit budgets with simulation variants (best, worst, normal case) based on actual structures. The budgeting process is optimized by turning significant parameters and adjusting screws. As always, the future liquidity and balance sheet structure is derived from the profit plan.

The data is transferred at the highest level with adjustment options both in absolute and percentage terms. In addition, planning functionalities such as trend, mean value and time-dependent weighting are available.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to override on the EBIT level and to calculate back to sales and variable costs. Items from different scenarios can be transferred to the subplans. Based on the historical actual data, the highly aggregated values are distributed to the dimensions and can then be planned by the profit center or cost center managers using the bottom-up approach.

In the user-oriented, flexible dashboards, here for P&L and balance sheet, you get a meaningful overview and can intervene at the right places.

Top-down planning with CoPlanner determines at management level how the desired business objectives can be achieved. Apart from that, it ensures that the overall corporate planning with its sub-plans of all individual company divisions is in optimal harmony and free of contradictions. The system supports you with existing distribution logics according to the watering can principle.