AI and sophisticated automation offer a wide range of options for human resource managers within their planning for a skilled workforce. Every company "ticks" differently, but nevertheless there is unified content that can be used as a guide for different companies. Here is a brief summary of five points from a publication by KPMG on human resource planning with AI:

1. Automation is a skill, not a tool

Together with the workforce, AI is reshaping the concept of enterprise technology, so avoid the trap of "legacy tech" thinking. Gone are the days of installing technology systems that served as fixed tools over a fixed life cycle. Much of the technology that goes online today uses AI to constantly add innovative capabilities and become smarter over time. See it this way: When you buy technology, you buy a popcorn kernel that continually adds more features and keeps popping up throughout your organization. These technologies will also allow people and technology to constantly adapt and improve.

2. Replace skills, not jobs

Intelligent automation drives growth and long-term value - it's about addition, not subtraction. The right strategy optimizes and empowers a company's workforce by automating and making meaningful processes more effective, enhancing the skills of employees, and generally expanding and growing the capabilities of the organization as a whole. For now, focus on the skills you need, and job titles and descriptions - whether tomorrow or in 5 years time - will be the easy part.

3. Search for learners

People have been adapting to changes in the workplace for centuries - and they keep returning to work, in greater numbers and with increasing resourcefulness. Because of our unique ability to learn at all times and constantly acquire new skills, people will always be at the heart of any business. HR leaders must consider methods to keep this focus in the foreground during their workforce planning. Invest in training, encourage learning and cultivate people who are not satisfied doing the same work they have been doing for 15 years.

4. Avoid financial mistakes

Companies that view workforce automation as a way to reduce headcount and save capital do so at their own risk, as they often need to rehire more skills - at a higher cost. Companies that focus on increasing shareholder value and creating jobs through automation will be most successful in the long run. The rosy predictions of savings and "margin improvements" always look great on PowerPoint slides, but they rarely materialize.

5. The future is now

KPMG's latest report found that 80% of companies plan to increase their recruitment budgets and 58% plan to invest in automation technologies. Specifically, the survey found that the vast majority of companies were "convinced" of the business case for AI and smart automation.

The realization of a personnel planning with AI is certainly a challenge and a big step. Proper integration of AI and automation in a growing and evolving workforce requires a comprehensive novel approach and initial commitment from managers and HR professionals.

Personnel planning with CoPlanner

Personnel planning with the software of CoPlanner offers a comprehensive overview and can structure the complete process from master data to predictive analysis and evaluation.

  • Free structures of the wage types, combinable with different logics, enable an automated creation of the personnel planning and the direct transfer to the P&L.

  • Public collective agreements or groupings can be created individually and automated with additional parameters in order to plan a larger number of employees more efficiently and control them with their core attributes.

  • The parameters for social insurance can be assigned individually or can be preset according to remuneration, wage, tariff assignment or cost center.

  • The system provides a breakdown of how much FTE is available to which cost centers and what the forecasts are.

  • The cost center manager can see at any time which employees with which costs are assigned to him over the planning horizon.

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