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You are planning an event and want to find out on which date the participants have time? Participants whose calendars they do not have access to?  Then you create a Doodle, and within a short period of time there is clarity. The menu for the evening program should be defined? Who has incompatibilities, eats vegan or has other preferences - a Doodle helps here too.

Services such as Doodle are characterized by the fact that information can be obtained quickly but in a structured way and that neither IT know-how nor extensive preparations are required.

How nice it would be if it were that simple in the company as well and individual questions could be simply asked, just as easily answered and evaluated:

  • What is the current headcount in your area?

  • Where will you be in costs / sales at the end of the year?

  • What is your assessment for the coming year?

  • In which projects are delays threatening?

  • The new savings program <Savings.XY> is coming up: what can you contribute?


A tedious process so far: create an Excel form, write a cover letter, send it by email and hopefully get it back soon, check response (have all those who were asked already delivered, have you used the form correctly), merge results ...

And the whole thing might happen several times, because something was forgotten in the first run or users got strange ideas while editing the Excel form. Use the possibly already existing planning system for this? It is better to leave that alone before you break something - unless CoPlanner is in use.


CoPlanner takes up the challenge to provide the data doodle for controlling. Since it is confidential data, not quite as pragmatic as the free appointment service - data protection and security must be maintained, but similarly simple and fast.

Within a few minutes, an own data model can be set up and its (also large) distribution circle can be asked for its input. Via the workflow you can see who has already replied.

If desired, participants can also see the data of other participants - useful for intercompany voting, for example.


  • Design data model and form - existing structures (e.g. cost center plans) can, but do not have to be used

  • Assign user: (who should participate in the data collection) and set deadlines

  • Initialize workflow and notify user.


The users receive a web link (in the intranet), use their web browser for data acquisition and release the task.

Well, if only everything was as simple as with CoPlanner 😊. Look forward to CoPlanner 10 - available this year!


Since his graduation as Dipl. Wi.-Ing at the Technical University of Karlsruhe in 1994, Heinrich Nordsieck has been active in the field of Business Intelligence and knows many CPM tools from his own practice. In 2000 he founded Axus AG in Munich together with partners. Axus AG recognized the potential of the CoPlanner tool at an early stage and was active in Germany as its partner. In 2007 Axus AG was taken over by pmOne and he held a management position as VP CPM. The CPM connoisseur has been active in CoPlanner GmbH as shareholder and managing director since the beginning of 2016. His hobbyhorse is the transformation of customer requirements into functioning solutions, and he is proud that these solutions have been used successfully for many years or even decades.

Major-Release for the CoPlanner Software

The CoPlanner version 9.5.4 has been successfully replaced by the major release 10.0. The further development of modern technologies, stronger performance and the establishment of new business models are the trigger for this important update.

Graz, 28.02.2020An important step in the CoPlanner software was initiated at the turn of the year and has now been implemented: The CoPlanner version 9.5.4 has been successfully replaced by the major release 10.0. The further development of modern technologies, stronger performance and the establishment of new business models are the trigger for this important update. In the past few years, many future-oriented developments for controlling have been implemented in the CoPlanner software.

„CoPlanner 10.0 condenses 30 years of continuous software development as well as many years of experience in BI projects with a variety of focuses. New technological possibilities and business content give the intelligent controlling an innovative boost", says Robin Schmeisser, Managing Director of CoPlanner Software and Consulting GmbH.

Highlights of this major release include the optimization and expansion of the web interfaces for the users, the technical migration to the .NET Framework 4.8 as well as new controlling features, user-friendliness, more flexibility, better performance and the provision for use in the cloud.

CoPlanner is a software that makes the most complex planning easy, gives you a powerful, up-to-date analysis and reporting tool and covers the tasks from simple sales planning to commercial law consolidation. CoPlanner strives to continuously develop the recognized high level of customer satisfaction through software, service and support.

The software for intelligent controlling is constantly evolving and has reached another important milestone in its 30-year history.


CoPlanner Software und Consulting GmbH

CoPlanner, specialist in the areas of business intelligence and corporate performance management including AI algorithms, has been developing software solutions for controlling and corporate management in partnership with the customer since 1989, supplemented by consulting and training in controlling and information technology. Always with the goal in mind: entrepreneurs and managers should always keep an eye on corporate development and be able to intervene in a controlling manner.