Good, fast and with cloud power - the cloud gets companies on track

The cloud is getting focused attention in the current times as the Corona pandemic has become a digitalization accelerator. Companies, public institutions or associations need to be able to manage and coordinate their internal and external processes and tasks remotely, so that the daily business does not lie completely idle. So it's essential, companies need to rethink, the digital office needs to be available 24/7 from the home office and that only works with appropriate cloud solutions.

The "digital GAP" in companies has existed for several years and there is a lot of catching up to do. The economic impact of the pandemic has not improved the overall situation. Planned measures or goals are once again being put on the back burner and companies need to develop awareness of what is actually needed and where the current status quo is sufficient.

The use of targeted SaaS solutions (Software as a Service) plays an important role in this. The current demand for various cloud services for data management or administration or for business applications such as personnel requirements planning is immense. More and more companies are taking the step into the cloud, because it supports and optimizes standard processes, new additional functionalities can be used and are continuously available.

An unprecedented flexibility!

The cloud is not really a new hype, but you can still see that the cloud is now getting the respect it deserves among users.

Tim Heirs
Tim Erben
Head of Marketing

Data quality management and controlling from the cloud remain in high demand

BARC's "Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor 2021" provides a very good overview of the current trends in the areas of business intelligence and data analytics in 2021. Data quality management is the undisputed number one topic, and the increased requirements for flexibility and speed in terms of how new data and new reports can be quickly made available to different user groups are the main arguments in favor of controlling in the cloud. The self-service concept also plays an important role here.

Fast, simple and flexible

It must work quickly, easily and flexibly without hindering the employee in his work. Companies have so many challenges to overcome in their IT and business departments that self-service functionalities from the cloud are becoming increasingly important. Not to be forgotten is the focus on IT governance, which provides structure and order in the company and must not be neglected.

The cloud is the perfect building block for corporate governance, which can be flexibly modeled according to specific needs, be it in terms of capacity, performance, authorizations or use case.

Planning, consolidation and individual specialist applications online with a single software package

CoPlanner offers flexible options for providing business management solutions in a cloud environment. The software is web-based and proves to be the perfect controlling instrument for departments, management and CFOs. The individual specialist applications for controlling are suitable for all industries and can be used individually to meet the needs of the company. The applications range from reporting, personnel planning and cost/performance accounting to other applications.

The CoPlanner software is designed to offer a predefined, tested and, if necessary, certified standard application for tasks that are similar or identical in many companies. The requirements can be further individualized via these specialized applications.

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