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More visualization and interaction in CoPlanner

Gantt charts and plotly graphics promote the usability of the dashboards

August 20, 2020, Graz/Munich - The CoPlanner  software now offers Gantt charts and also the use of modern plotly graphics in addition to the well-known standard graphics.

Gantt charts have become an established tool to keep departments and stakeholders up to date. They provide a quick overview of activities in projects, and durations of milestones are visualized by bars. In addition, a Gantt chart indicates the dependencies of a process by connecting lines.

Via the Plotly Community, users can access a large number of open source graphics and integrate them into CoPlanner without much programming effort. As a software manufacturer for Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management, we therefore offer a wide range of different graphic types and use externally developed resources that are provided by experts for this purpose. So if you want to use more graphic types, this is the right place for you! In combination with Plotly, CoPlanner allows you to get even more out of visualization and interaction in the dashboard.

Users have two options: Either they use the CoPlanner Standard Designer or they define graphics using JavaScript and link them to the corresponding data. With the second option, users are able to create more complex diagrams that cannot be built with the Designer. Plotly even provides some examples including syntax.

Thus, CoPlanner creates an extension that increases the usability of the dashboards for the user by integrating Gantt charts and Plotly libraries.


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