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With innovative system solutions for all applications of daily cleaning and hygiene, the daily cleaning routine of its customers is ensured, for hygiene safety and contributes to the health and quality of life.

Zirl/Graz, 21. February 2019 - CoPlanner sets itself the goal of facilitating the everyday life of the key user and end user. With the implementation of the Business Intelligence software, you plan the daily routine in controlling with the decentralized planning and reporting tasks at the customer immensely. To bring the ENTERPRISE Edition to life, the details of Microsoft Dynamics AX, numerous other interfaces to in-house databases (especially Access) were built. The standard CoPlanner modules such as fixed cost or revenue planning have been tailor-made through minor adjustments. For the fleet costs, a separate module was used for the planning of the vehicles. Costs for fuel, service, comprehensive insurance, etc. are centrally stored by Controlling - the costs are calculated in the income statement, balance sheet and financial plan.

In the area of ​​actual data, the CoPlanner issue of ENTERPRISE takes over the determination of leave provisions, so that the target / actual comparisons during the year remain meaningful if the final provisions in the accounting process are not to be posted until the end of the year. By the way: The decentralized planning runs over Web. The entry is made easier for the planners in controlling by clear masks and cockpits. Through dedicated collaboration with the hollu team, this project, though timed, was a prime example of the launch of CoPlanner ENTERPRISE Edition.

We look forward to the coming ideas and tasks!



About hollu

hollu develops innovative system solutions that simplify the daily cleaning routine of their customers across all industries. For over 110 years, they have followed their vision of making hygiene a pleasure - in harmony with people and the environment. Thanks to our own research and development as well as the production at the headquarters in Zirl, so they can ensure their innovation and top quality "Made in Austria". Over 400 employees at eight locations in Austria and South Tyrol contribute to the success of the hollu brand.

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