CoPlanner as BI concept consultant: For the Styrian Boxmark Group in Feldbach, the CoPlanner Consulting division together with Boxmark's controlling department developed a very detailed concept and specification sheet for the BI introduction and implementation. The globally active industrial group has strongly networked internal sales and production processes, which extend over several countries (for example Argentina, Mexico, Croatia, Slovenia ...) and which have to be exactly mapped in the information processes.


Industry solution from Boxmark

CoPlanner in plant construction: Plant construction is subject to its own laws due to its different project durations and individual payment methods. There are hardly any standard tools for this. Another requirement is the valuation approaches for the planned profit and loss account and the planned balance sheet. The focus is usually on the flexible control of liquidity (Hymmen Maschinen- und Anlagenbau in Germany).


Industry solution from Hymmen

CoPlanner is always active in the food industry. Customers like Maresi, Almdudler, LGV-Frischgemüse have different solutions in the BI environment. A recently started project concerns the entire sales planning at Karnerta. For more than 4000 articles and 4000 customers the sales, revenue and contribution margin plans are created. Sales employees receive automated default values and then take over the detailed planning on different aggregation levels. The planning data and the current actual data are transferred to the in-house CRM tool and made available to the sales representatives in an up-to-date form.


Industry solution from Maresi Austria

CoPlanner supports the planning and ongoing reporting process in the Upper Austrian industrial company. The integrated planning solution will be integrated into the existing system landscape (ProAlpha as pre-system, Sage-DPW and an existing data warehouse on SQL server basis). Initially, cost centre planning, investment planning including different forms of financing (such as purchase, leasing, etc.) and liquidity planning are mapped here, these are integrated into the planned profit and loss account, planned balance sheet and planned cash flow statement. In addition, the figures are displayed in the ACTUAL reporting, thus offering an optimal possibility of comparison. In further steps the personnel and sales planning are implemented with the software. 


Industry solution from Mark Metallwarenfabrik

A CoPlanner BI focus is also the plan and actual consolidation in group structures. For XXXLutz, CoPlanner organises the entire plan and management consolidation for more than 50 individual companies. These individual companies consist of branch operations and real estate companies. Plan results are transferred from previous systems. The consolidation steps are implemented in CoPlanner step by step, the internal relationships are filtered and condensed to the consolidated financial statement. The overall liquidity view represents a further challenge.


Industry solution from XXXLutz

Public sector and institutions

Public municipalities are subject to massive revenue and expenditure pressures. In the near future, municipalities will have to convert their accounting system to the general accounting regulations. In Switzerland - after a very successful pilot project in the municipality of Adliswil - CoPlanner has developed a standardised budgeting solution (actual and forecast calculations over several years) combined with a very flexible reporting module (250 to 350 pages). The municipalities of Chur and Davos are further users. Further inquiries and orders from major Swiss municipalities have already been received. The implementations will be realized with a Swiss distribution partner. For CoPlanner, this new market positioning is a way to expand its methodological competence.

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