Gaulhofer Industries

The family-owned company is the innovation leader in the Austrian window industry and a successful supplier of industrially produced windows and doors throughout Europe. The CoPlanner is used by Gaulhofer for the simple implementation of a data warehouse (DWH), with which inconsistencies in the data stock are cleared up. ETL processes (Extract, Transform, Load) are used to load financial data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and plan and forecast data from CoPlanner into the DWH. This enables users from 6 measure groups with more than 70 measures to evaluate sales orders as well as related production details, other sales or certain key figures as required.

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Zellstoff Pöls

Zellstoff Pöls AG is the largest producer of high-quality, elemental chlorine-free bleached long-fiber sulfate pulp in Central and Southern Europe with an annual production of approximately 390,000 tons. In addition, about 14,000 tons of kraft paper are produced in Pöls annually. The CoPlanner primarily supports multidimensional sales planning, purchasing and production planning as well as investment planning. in the first step, production quantities are recorded. Using a specially stored recipe (wood, chemicals, auxiliary materials), the material consumption is calculated and evaluated in terms of costs. From this, the wood purchase, purchase of production resources, auxiliary materials and operating supplies with individual lead times are calculated. The result: A production budget integrated into business planning with production and consumption quantities as well as a purchasing budget on a monthly basis corresponding to the production process. Sales planning takes place at customer level, taking into account customer-specific discounts and, if necessary, freely selectable exchange rates. The depiction of proportional discounts, commissions, freight costs and bonuses per customer is a further focus of sales planning.

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The activities of Swietelsky cover all sectors of the construction industry, especially road construction, building construction and railway construction. The company consists of 24 independent companies in 8 countries, each company has a regional branch network. CoPlanner is used for construction site, branch and group planning. For this purpose, all industry-specific dimensions such as building owners, clients and different currencies are combined in a multidimensional data preparation. This makes it possible, for example, to display the contribution margin for all branches across all lines of business with a specific building owner. The special construction site planning is carried out by the responsible construction manager. Based on the previous year's data, variable and fixed construction site costs are automatically recalculated according to a defined calculation logic and distributed to all cost elements. The remaining store costs are also prepared on the basis of the previous year's actual values and fine-tuned at each level by changing the percentage or absolute value. This allows you to implement a multi-level DB calculation up to the store DB. Group planning is handled by central controlling. Overhead costs are planned and the entire corporate planning is carried out.

Babcock Borsig Steinmüller CZ

Babcock Borsig Steinmüller CZ, a subsidiary of the German Bilfinger Group, is a leading international supplier of turnkey power plants and a supplier of various components such as steam generators and flue gas systems. The CoPlanner is used for the commercial planning of major projects. The planning extends over the entire life cycle of a project and integrates the flow of information throughout the company: Sales, project management, commercial project management, purchasing and controlling. This process is supported by a tailor-made key figure and result reporting system that provides all required information at the push of a button.



RHI AG is the world market and technology leader in high-grade ceramic refractories. The company with Austrian roots employs about 8,000 people at 32 production sites and 70 sales locations worldwide. In order to cope with this enormous sales task, RHI uses CoPlanner for its sales forecast processes. This enables users to create individual planning models that are adapted to their sales situation.

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